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Graffiti Marker X (free)

Get your hands dirty and develop your very own and unique handstyle / personalized signature with Graffiti Marker X !
Create original and colorful art & tags with a range of drawing tips.
Mops, chisel tip, ultra wide or extra fine.

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Here is a selection great drawing apps to make the most of the Samsung Galaxy Note II and its  Pen . It’s time to get creative!




Calligraphy HD comes with a choice of four nibs and brushes, simply select your favourite tool and instantly vary nib thickness, stroke texture and pen angle. You can use the “eraser” to undo your previous stroke, or wipe the screen clean with a single click. You can also choose from a variety of backgrounds, including parchment and save your artwork to the photo gallery to email your calligraphic masterpiece.


















Sketch O Paint



Sketch-o-paint is an unique drawing application designed for Android smartphones and tablets.
Discover a set of intuitive painting brushes and create great ink / line / art than you can share.


✓ Preset Brushes
✓ Ink wash brush
✓ Pressure sensitivite
✓ Full Screen work space
✓ Save sketches / ink painting to the Gallery on your device and share
✓ Ideal for artists, cartoonists & designers












Grafitti Tag Marker

Design cool graffiti, bombing, tagging, street art on your phone!
Graffiti tag marker is a simple, multitouch, pressure-sensitive drawing app.
It includes:
- Pressure sensitivity ( allow to draw a thicker or thinner line )
- Store your art in the photo library of your device and Share!




Learn all about the Vikings !

Viking for kids

Who were the Vikings? Where did they travel?

- Discover the epic history of the viking

- Discover the raids, the life at home for viking families

- Play interactive game

- Write your name in old norse

- Carve some viking pattern on wood

- Assemble your own viking longship

- find put about the viking seafaring journeys and the discovery of  VINLAND

- Over 50 Fun viking Facts

- Timeline of viking history with key events

- from 8

Find out more at

Available for android and ipad tablets








Sketch-o-paint is an unique drawing application. An app that replicate ink brush style painting, very handy if you like drawing cartoons on the move.
Find a set of brushes so that you can create orignal art and save / share your drawings. Now avaialbe FREE on Google Play

Our opinion : 8 /10

Great price at $0.99. A very cool piece of kit if you like to sketch & draw cartoons on the move!