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3 History Apps packed with facts and games to learn about the past while playing !

A new bundle from historyapps with primary history curriculm topics and lots of fun facts ,

Now half price!
Included in the bundle :

Viking History For Kids
Find out what life was like in Viking times!
Make your own Viking Longship, write your name in Viking alphabet and design Viking art.








World History For Kids :
The world’s history in one app! A wide-reaching educational app that covers history as far back as the Stone Age and Ancient Greece all the way up to the industrial revolution and the space race of the 1960s.






World War One For Kids
What was it like being a soldier during the First world War? Find out about life inside a First World War trench
and the causes of the First World War.

EnglishFriends is a  fun and educational language learning application that engages children and helps them improve their English language skills while playing.

With the help of your new London friends, Scott and Jasmine, discover some of London’s landmarks and learn new words, build up your language skills, play games, listen to stories and learn English rhymes.

Basic english topic including a follow-up comprehension game & exercise.


★ Learn everyday words
★ Learn basic conversation skills
★ Learn to tell the time
★ Learn colours
★ Learn numbers
★ Name the zoo animals
★ Play multiple games to assess your knowledge
★ British children voiceover

From 6+