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Discover a unique alphabet tracing board designed specially for left-handed users!
Trace the cursive letter, erase it and try again!

- Develop basic handwriting skills
- Cursive-writing finger practice on your tablet
- Great for classroom settings or home teaching
- Includes a full screen drawing zone to create your own art using a crayon, a marker, or a paint brush!


Get started with Japanese!

A tracing practice board to get started with hiragana and katakana.

- Tracing practice board
- Hiragana & katakana worksheets / resources
- Learn Japanese characters and their meaning
- Have fun with Inkwash painting
- Great for kids!


History Quiz For kids

Test your history knowledge with this free history game

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Do you know your ancient Greeks from your ancient Egyptians?Your world war 1 from your World war 2?
Test your knowledge of primary history with over 100 fun, historical and trivial questions.






















Game Includes Questions about :

- Early Humans
- Ancient Egypt
- Ancient Greeks
- Ancient Romans
- Medieval Europe
- Great Adventurers of the renaissance
- The Age of Enlightenment
- The French revolution
- The Industrial revolution
- World war 0ne
- World war Two
- Modern times


Write, Erase, Start again!

Learn how to write each letter of the alphabet in cursive with simple writing activities that can be practised again and again.
Includes easy-to-follow directions, preset paintbrushes and full screen drawing mode.

Now Free!