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Chinese Character Writing Practice – Free

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Chinese Writing Practice Board (free)

By combining precision and poetry you will exercise your skills at learning chinese words and exploring the art of Chinese calligraphy.
A game that develop visual memory & observation skills

* Easily learn how to write simple Chinese Characters and understand their meaning.
* Free-form writing practice
* On or off guidance
* Get creative and make your own drawing / paintings
* Choose your brush and paint with Black Ink or ink wash / Sumi-e.
* Learn to write 25+ beautiful Chinese characters

“A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step.” Laozi (6th Century BC)

Written Chinese is based on a pictographic system, as opposed to an alphabetical system. Words are not formed by letters, they are represented by characters. A Chinese character stands for a syllable, and is not a letter of an alphabet. For

instance, 子 means ‘child’. Each character is composed of strokes. For instance, the following character 女 meaning “woman” is composed of 3 strokes.



Graffiti Marker X (free)

Get your hands dirty and develop your very own and unique handstyle / personalized signature with Graffiti Marker X !
Create original and colorful art & tags with a range of drawing tips.
Mops, chisel tip, ultra wide or extra fine.

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Play and get musical with Melodicapp! (FREE)
Discover an easy and intuitive instrument for all kinds of music, reggae & dub
A cross between an accordion, a piano and a melodica.
Melodicapp is an instrument unlike any other!

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Free maths games

- Fun and effective way to learn the times tables
- Encourages quick multiplication
- Great for improving mental arithmetic skills
- Challenge mode / play against time & beat the clock

Choose between three difficulty levels and play against the clock.


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