Vikings – History for kids

“Vikings history for kids” is a wide-reaching and fact-packed history app to learn everything about the Viking age.
the application contains audio narrations, animations, games, interactive clues, maps, charts and more..

Now available on Google Play for android tablets

















- Who were The Vikings
- Seafaring pirates
- Viking warship
- Viking raids
- Viking settlers and traders
- Life on a Viking farm
- Inside a Viking home
- Vikings gods and Norse myths
- The Viking in America? The story of Vinland
- Where are they now?
- The Viking timeline

The application includes fun Viking themed Activities:

- Write your name in Viking Runes
- Design and assemble a viking longship
- Design a Norse / Viking pattern

Our  opinion:

A  well documented history apps for kids with fun interactions and informative child narration.


Our note 19/20

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