Free maths games

- Fun and effective way to learn the times tables
- Encourages quick multiplication
- Great for improving mental arithmetic skills
- Challenge mode / play against time & beat the clock

Choose between three difficulty levels and play against the clock.


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Get Doodling Through Time

A perfect blend of history and art for kids and grown-ups.
A bright and busy, wacky draw-in activity app packed full of things to doodle across world’s historical events.
Draw anything from mammoth to spaceships while learning, each page offers inspiration in the form of drawing activities or suggestions for drawings and doodles, with lots of space for children to come up with their own ideas too !!
So get ready, get set, and doodle! No drawing skills are required—just your imagination!

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Magic Slate! Write, erase and start again!

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A Fun and effective practice board

Develop Fine Motor Skill with step by step Tracing Activities

1- Vertical lines, diagonals, curves, waves, bridges, loops and zigzags

2- More advanced exercises with mazes, letters of the alphabet and curriculum keywords.

An essential resource with over 90 tracing activities.

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A great value education app bundle

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Discover 10 applications packed with engaging content for children across Maths, English, Languages (French, Chinese & Japanese) World History and the Arts.
Your bundle includes:
- Multiplication Games

- Mental Maths Games
- Cursive Handwriting Practice

- High Frequency Words – Read and Write

- Cursive & joined-up writing
- Animal Alphabet in French
- Japanese for Kids

- My first chinese characters

- World History For Kids

- Sketch O Paint


“Ten – Mental Maths & Arithmetic” is a game designed to help you practice calculations quickly and efficiently without a calculator!

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A functional math Workout that help training the mind, improving mental arithmetic skills and master the multiplication tables!

- Mental warm-up and drills
- Play against the clock mode
- Timesteables practice
- Quick fire mental maths exercise

Get arty with Sketch O paint! Now FREE

Now free with a new set of drawing tools

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See it in action!

- Full Screen work space
- Preset Brushes
- Ink wash brush























Kawaii doodle かわいい

Draw the cutest characters with Kawaii Doodle!
Choose your pen  and let the creativitiy take over,
Learn to draw kawaii cartoons. Easy to draw, cute and loveable characters
in the kawaii style!

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By combining precision and poetry you will exercise your skills at learning chinese words and exploring the art of Chinese calligraphy.
A game that develop visual memory & observation skills

* Easily learn how to write simple Chinese Characters and understand their meaning.
* Free-form writing practice
* On or off guidance
* Get creative and make your own drawing / paintings
* Choose your brush and paint with Black Ink or ink wash / Sumi-e.
* Learn to write 25+ beautiful Chinese characters