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History Apps for Learning

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Learn about world history from the beginning of life on earth through to the 20th century.
Features :

- Earth and the solar system
- Early Humans
- Ancient Egypt
- Ancient Greeks
- Ancient Romans
- Medieval Europe
- Great Adventurers of the renaissance
- The Age of Enlightenment
- The French revolution
- The Industrial revolution
- World war 0ne
- World war Two
- Man on the Moon


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3 History Apps packed with facts and games to learn about the past while playing !

A new bundle from historyapps with primary history curriculm topics and lots of fun facts ,

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Included in the bundle :

Viking History For Kids
Find out what life was like in Viking times!
Make your own Viking Longship, write your name in Viking alphabet and design Viking art.








World History For Kids :
The world’s history in one app! A wide-reaching educational app that covers history as far back as the Stone Age and Ancient Greece all the way up to the industrial revolution and the space race of the 1960s.






World War One For Kids
What was it like being a soldier during the First world War? Find out about life inside a First World War trench
and the causes of the First World War.

AppyBunny is happy to release the list of the best children’s apps to learn about world’s history!

Number 1

History For Kids





Another great world history app designed for children ages 6 and up. This wide-reaching educational app covers history as far back as Ancient Greece and Rome all the way up to the first man on the moon and the Space Race of the 1960s. Students are bound to love the audio narration, interactive clues, maps and charts. It’s hard not to get lost in the wide range of history this app covers, but it’s easy enough to navigate your way to other time periods to explore.


Number 2

World War One For Kids

The first world war explained to kids

How did the First World War start and why?
What was it like being a soldier in the trenches?
What did it mean to go over the top?

World War 1 was a military conflict lasting from 1914 to 1918 which involved nearly all the biggest powers of the world. It scale was unprecedented.

First World War – History is a child-friendly, educational and interactive experience to learn about the Great War.


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Learn about history with HistoryApps.co.uk!

Discover these fun, informative apps for kids to help them learn about history. From the Big Bang to our times, Take a trip through history, discover the birth of planets, the solar system, the beginning of life on earth, early humans and the civilisations of the past, find out about Ancient Egypt, ancient Rome, ancient Greece, learn facts about the medieval times,  and the great discoveries of the renaissance. Find out about the french revolution, The industrial revolution, the first and second world war, and much more..

History Apps website

Pre-historic human for iPad, android , Kindle, Nook

Early human on Ipad, Android , Nook , Kindle Fire


The Ancient roman for iPad / Android

Ancient Egypt for iPad / Android

World war One For kids. on iPad / Android

The French Revolution on your tablet